Monday, November 22, 2010

Tribute to my Sweetness friend!

I would like to dedicate my post to a dear friend, Misty Thieman. She is spending her time in blogland Encouraging Sweetness. Her posts are the highlight of my days, and every time I see she has a new one on FB, I rush to read it. I would encourage all of my readers to check out her blog, where reading her sweet humor and articulate writing is a big scoop of ice cream on top of an apple pie. Hers is the only blog that I will find a way to link to...even though I am technically challenged.
Normally, my personality is one of kindness and patience...but I have to admit I look like Darth Vader compared to her rose-colored glasses. This is NOT a criticism. It is a delight! Since I know the world at large has a tendency toward cynicism and "me-ism" I find her outlook to be refreshing. Practicing the challenge of finding the good in every day is one that I would love to do daily. Not only for the improvement of my own life, but to pay it forward to others who need it as much as I. Oneladyarts is a venue for me to share a bit of myself with others, but I would say Misty's goal is a bit more far-reaching, and her insight a valuable and profound way to make life happy. God Bless You, Misty! May encouraging sweetness revisit itself on you exponentially.
Much love,

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Waggin' Happies

Wow, was Silver Bella a whirlwind of sights and sounds and awesome artists!! I was all eyes and ears to soak it all up, and I had the wagging happies to be there. I was honored to meet so many people that had such varied and wide talents. Every room I was in for classes exhibited a bevy of projects that were jaw-dropping. I walked around in a couple of classes, and I admit there were several of the classes where my nose was too intently in my work, but when I did wander I saw some beautiful artworks. My fave classes were with Beth Quinn and Lisa Kaus, they seemed right up my alley and very easy to personalize. I didn't finish any of my crafts, but pictures are forthcoming, as soon as I cut loose from the real world I'll get them done and post again.
And what made the weekend complete was my new friends, friends that renewed our acquaintance with a warm hug, and the promise of much new inspiration and crafting opportunities to come.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Don't look if you don't want to spoil the surprise :)

Here is a preview of my embroidery three-inchey:
It's a tussy mussy made of lace filled with flowers. One bloom is vintage crochet, one is vintage velvet loopy, and the little leaf is seam binding. The buttons are antique shell buttons, and the bead in the center of the crochet flower is amazonite (jade colored). I also used silk floss, which is luscious to use if you haven't!!

No Peeking Pam! This is definitely a spoiler.
And finally, after many working months, weeks, days and hours...the Bella Bag!

Detail of the flowers. Yes, I seamed the tote from scratch. The liner is felted wool, as are two of the flowers, the ribbons and trims are vintage and the shell buttons antiques too.

If you are looking for more details, just ask. I will post some more close-up pics after I finish these swaps...Agh! I still have some embroidery squares to bang out to be ready. Maybe more pictures after the weekend event! There will be so much eye candy I am sure.
Pray I can sleep in the next day or two,

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Spoiler Again! Here's the charm bracelet!

I even got some good pics outside in the twilight last evening:
Vintage glass buttons with rhinestones, silver chain and swarovskis. The center medallion is a flower with a glass button and crystals through the center on a pin. Don't peek Miss Rachel :)

Another pic on my arm, so you can see the cuff style. I may shorten it a bit, but I like the effect of the charms hanging on the bottom. Red is her favorite color.

Yay, only a few stitches left on my bella bag, and one more swap to finish. Keep checking back for more pictures. I'm rocking the card reader now, faithful followers, lol!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

YEAH, we got Photos People!!

Spoiler Alert!! If you are in the Twelve Days of Christmas Ornament Swap, Hide your eyes!
Spoiler Alert!! If you are in the Twelve Days of Christmas Ornament Swap, Hide your eyes!

Here is a picture of the assembly line, and yes, I had to make that many: Scroll down to see the rest of the completed ornament.

This is my contribution:
My ornament is a pair of silver plated trays, placed together to form a cavity in which I placed a couple of jingle bells. I am so excited that it makes music :) I sealed the turtledove image on the front, ringed it in gold paint, and added a ring of teal glass glitter. There is cotton trim sandwiched between the trays, and the jump rings at top and bottom are drilled through so it can hang from the dyed vintage ribbon at top and the chandelier hangs below. Wheeee, let's hope the silver will patina and it will beautify with age :)
And the back: glittery poinsettias of course.

This one's a bit fuzzy but it was hard to see the gold paint on the silver tray through the lens, so this was the best angle.
I'd love to know what you think! Jami

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Is creativity a genetic thing?

I ask because my son is so into "arts and crafts" as he calls his projects. Even his first grade teacher has to bribe him to practice writing by telling him he can illustrate his work too. It's too cool for words to know that he loves to do the same things I do... God blesses us with amazing kids like him to teach us about ourselves I guess.
We are planning his birthday party in two days. He'll be seven, and he wanted to have a costume party with all the trimmings, though his birthday actually falls next week in November. He brought home from school a photocopied picture of a skeleton that can be cut out and reassembled, so I copied it onto cardstock and he was busily cutting it out so it could be built with brads to move at the joints. It was so funny, the picture did not have separate bones at the knee joint, so he carefully trimmed it under the patella (sorry, my physiology class is showing) so he could make the knees "bend" properly. I love my little man, he makes every occasion a special one and he loves to make his crafts his way. He kept coming up with more ideas to use for his party, and we ran out of time to make them all. I say now that I can't wait for his tenth birthday, when he'll prepare for weeks and months in advance for party decorations and games. But, seeing my baby boy grow into such a cool kid makes me selfishly want to keep him six years old for a little while longer.
Excuse me, but I have some skeletons to make....sniff.
Count your blessings and kiss your babies,

Monday, October 25, 2010

Alas, no photos, *sigh*

Well, my lovelies, we have no pictures yet. I have nearly completed two swaps and I'm well on my way through planning the third. I ordered a card reader for my wonderful though AGED camera and I'm not so patiently waiting to receive it via post. I have made some pictures of my final stages of the inspiration box, spoiler soon to come I hope...and my bella bag is two steps from completion. The flowers and a bit o' broidery need sewing on, and the last piece needs securing with the trusty sewing machine. My darling Bella Big Sis Kana, I can't wait for you to see it. If any of my bella sisters have an idea for a cute lil' bit of birthday heaven I could include for Miss tell! How cool to celebrate being a year wiser at the quintessential art event.

I also hear from Queen Trip Planner Tabby that I have two new roommates at Silver Bella! Yay, Denise and Anna I am so glad you will be joining the newbie digs :) Better hide those swaps girls, because I am a light sleeper, *laughin' uproariously*
If the strain doesn't get to me, as soon as the camera card reader arrives be ready for some eye candy, girls. But that's just me tooting my own horn.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Inaugural Post

Hello, darlings. Welcome to my first post to One Lady Arts as a new blogger. Please forgive my foibles and strangely placed items on the page, I am learning as I go!
The very first thing I must tell you is I am not supposed to be blogging right now. Shameful, I know, but forbidden fruit is SO sweet. I should be working on my swaps for Silver Bella, but I must have a place to post photos of them for my new friends on the SB network. So here it is, the forum for all things creative and new and old and beautiful!
In the next few posts I make, you will see pictures of my bella bag, my inspiration box, my charm bracelet, my embroidered three inchey, and my twelve days of Christmas ornament sporting two turtledoves. Yes, that's five swaps I need to get done. Alas, they are not completed to show you right now, but won't the suspense be delicious? These objects of art must be done before November 10th, so my inaugural post will be brief so I can get to work. I will be sure to post spoiler alerts for those will be receiving my lovely swaps. Now, to convince the darling husband to purchase another card reader so I can post photos more quickly and we will be underway. Hmmmmm, feminine wiles don't fail me now!
Happy day to you,