Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Inaugural Post

Hello, darlings. Welcome to my first post to One Lady Arts as a new blogger. Please forgive my foibles and strangely placed items on the page, I am learning as I go!
The very first thing I must tell you is I am not supposed to be blogging right now. Shameful, I know, but forbidden fruit is SO sweet. I should be working on my swaps for Silver Bella, but I must have a place to post photos of them for my new friends on the SB network. So here it is, the forum for all things creative and new and old and beautiful!
In the next few posts I make, you will see pictures of my bella bag, my inspiration box, my charm bracelet, my embroidered three inchey, and my twelve days of Christmas ornament sporting two turtledoves. Yes, that's five swaps I need to get done. Alas, they are not completed to show you right now, but won't the suspense be delicious? These objects of art must be done before November 10th, so my inaugural post will be brief so I can get to work. I will be sure to post spoiler alerts for those will be receiving my lovely swaps. Now, to convince the darling husband to purchase another card reader so I can post photos more quickly and we will be underway. Hmmmmm, feminine wiles don't fail me now!
Happy day to you,


  1. Jami,
    Welcome to blogging! It is fun, but ohhhh so time consuming. See you in Omaha very soon.

  2. Hurray Jami! Welcome to the wonderful world of blog. I can't wait to see what you have to share AND can't wait to meet you in 3 weeks at Silver Bella!!

  3. Thanks for coming by my blog! I hope you love your new blogging adventure. I have one swap to finish (my own, ironically) so I'm right there with ya! I'm looking forward to meeting you in Omaha!