Thursday, October 28, 2010

Is creativity a genetic thing?

I ask because my son is so into "arts and crafts" as he calls his projects. Even his first grade teacher has to bribe him to practice writing by telling him he can illustrate his work too. It's too cool for words to know that he loves to do the same things I do... God blesses us with amazing kids like him to teach us about ourselves I guess.
We are planning his birthday party in two days. He'll be seven, and he wanted to have a costume party with all the trimmings, though his birthday actually falls next week in November. He brought home from school a photocopied picture of a skeleton that can be cut out and reassembled, so I copied it onto cardstock and he was busily cutting it out so it could be built with brads to move at the joints. It was so funny, the picture did not have separate bones at the knee joint, so he carefully trimmed it under the patella (sorry, my physiology class is showing) so he could make the knees "bend" properly. I love my little man, he makes every occasion a special one and he loves to make his crafts his way. He kept coming up with more ideas to use for his party, and we ran out of time to make them all. I say now that I can't wait for his tenth birthday, when he'll prepare for weeks and months in advance for party decorations and games. But, seeing my baby boy grow into such a cool kid makes me selfishly want to keep him six years old for a little while longer.
Excuse me, but I have some skeletons to make....sniff.
Count your blessings and kiss your babies,


  1. Great post! Please tell Wes Happy Birthday from us!!!

  2. Hey Jami,

    Glad to see you are posting...hopefully you will be able to have pics soon. Love this post about your son, so sweet. Hold on, because it does go by fast! My babies are 19 and almost 15. Have a great Sunday.