Monday, October 25, 2010

Alas, no photos, *sigh*

Well, my lovelies, we have no pictures yet. I have nearly completed two swaps and I'm well on my way through planning the third. I ordered a card reader for my wonderful though AGED camera and I'm not so patiently waiting to receive it via post. I have made some pictures of my final stages of the inspiration box, spoiler soon to come I hope...and my bella bag is two steps from completion. The flowers and a bit o' broidery need sewing on, and the last piece needs securing with the trusty sewing machine. My darling Bella Big Sis Kana, I can't wait for you to see it. If any of my bella sisters have an idea for a cute lil' bit of birthday heaven I could include for Miss tell! How cool to celebrate being a year wiser at the quintessential art event.

I also hear from Queen Trip Planner Tabby that I have two new roommates at Silver Bella! Yay, Denise and Anna I am so glad you will be joining the newbie digs :) Better hide those swaps girls, because I am a light sleeper, *laughin' uproariously*
If the strain doesn't get to me, as soon as the camera card reader arrives be ready for some eye candy, girls. But that's just me tooting my own horn.


  1. Was just over @ the Silver Bella forum (avoiding finishing a couple of swaps that have my creativity stumped at the moment) and saw that you had posted your blog address. So, wanted to jump over for a visit and introduce myself.

    Love that Kana is your Silver Bella Big Sis. She's a doll. I met her last year during Charlotte Lyon's class. You are going to enjoy the event so much! Such amazing people (like Kana) to talk with...

    And, I'm in the Twelve Days of Christmas swap too...That's one of the ones that is sitting half finished while I skip and play in blog world this rainy afternoon...

  2. Hi Jami,
    Remember me from Karla's play date? I'm glad to see you're in blogland! I'm so bad at posting but check me out at See you in 2 weeks! Julie

  3. So nice of you to stop by ladies :) I get my card reader on Monday, so here's hoping the swaps are finished enough to shoot some awesome pics for you to see. I am so excited about bella, it's my first time and I have the waggin' happies about it, lol! Only a dog lover can understand that one I guess.