Thursday, November 18, 2010

Waggin' Happies

Wow, was Silver Bella a whirlwind of sights and sounds and awesome artists!! I was all eyes and ears to soak it all up, and I had the wagging happies to be there. I was honored to meet so many people that had such varied and wide talents. Every room I was in for classes exhibited a bevy of projects that were jaw-dropping. I walked around in a couple of classes, and I admit there were several of the classes where my nose was too intently in my work, but when I did wander I saw some beautiful artworks. My fave classes were with Beth Quinn and Lisa Kaus, they seemed right up my alley and very easy to personalize. I didn't finish any of my crafts, but pictures are forthcoming, as soon as I cut loose from the real world I'll get them done and post again.
And what made the weekend complete was my new friends, friends that renewed our acquaintance with a warm hug, and the promise of much new inspiration and crafting opportunities to come.


  1. Jami,

    So glad that you enjoyed your SB experience! I too loved Lisa's class. I can't find her class sheet and can't remember the maker of the artistic crayons that she used. Do you remember?

    Have a great weekend.

  2. I'm your newest follower! Come back and visit again, soon, Jami. I loved my classes with Beth and Lisa, too!

  3. I believe the crayons are Staedtler karat aquarell crayons. I found them on the Dick Blick art supply online, as well as the pencil version. I kept trying to remember them as 'kyra' but when I searched, these were the ones that looked the same as hers. She also had graphite lead pencils and titanium white acrylic full-bodied paint. The thick medium she used was Golden brand, and I believe our house shaped boards were pre-primed with gesso. Hope this helps! Jami

  4. Hi Girls. I, too, loved Lisa Kaus' classes. One of the brands she mentioned on her paper were these:

    And one of the boards was prepped with Golden's Absorbent Ground (white) which I also found at Dick Blick's. If I remember right, she just used the Absorbent Ground on our projects but said if we want it to last a lifetime, first prime with Gesso and then Absorbent Ground over the Gesso.

    Of course, loving her classes so much, Stacey and I had to run to Dick Blick's immediately!

  5. Hi, Miss Jamie, so glad I found your blog. Wanted you to know that your beautifully crafted bag made its debut in NYC the week after Silver Bella to much acclaim! It perfectly suited the still-gorgeous fall weather and my shopping needs. :) I'm still enamored of all your wonderfully-applied details, especially the scallops and flowers. Thanks and thanks again!

  6. Aww, thanks Pam! I am so glad you like the bag I made. I had so much fun putting on all the little details with you in mind. Now that we are home and the holidays are over, I so need to dig through my drift of craft stuff and finish my SB projects. Now that we have wintry weather, I may find the time :) Hope you have a Happy Winter too. Salut!