Sunday, November 7, 2010

Spoiler Again! Here's the charm bracelet!

I even got some good pics outside in the twilight last evening:
Vintage glass buttons with rhinestones, silver chain and swarovskis. The center medallion is a flower with a glass button and crystals through the center on a pin. Don't peek Miss Rachel :)

Another pic on my arm, so you can see the cuff style. I may shorten it a bit, but I like the effect of the charms hanging on the bottom. Red is her favorite color.

Yay, only a few stitches left on my bella bag, and one more swap to finish. Keep checking back for more pictures. I'm rocking the card reader now, faithful followers, lol!


  1. Very pretty...Love that you made it as a cuff bracelet...very original all the way around...

  2. Your charm bracelet looks great...I like the double row of chains and charms! Also, love the 2 turtle doves!! Looking forward to seeing you at Silver Bella.