Monday, April 11, 2011

D is for Dance, and dream!

I watch my darling 'almost four' year old Sissy daily...she skips, twirls, leaps and dances through her day with abandon. I so delight in her antics. Laughter bubbles out of me as I ask her for the umpteenth time to slow down or walk. But should she? Her enthusiasm is intoxicating. I really adore watching her dance. She hasn't even been enrolled in a class, but she tells me she wants to be a ballerina when she grows up. "You absolutely can be!" I tell her, "you just have to practice."
I love her innocent confidence, she makes up stories, sings her own songs and dances the day away. Dream, girl! =)

While most of us 'adults' are still designing our dreams, I love to hear children talk about theirs. Most are simply confident that the world is open to whatever possibilities one can imagine. Listening to a child talk about their future with passion is refreshing and inspirational. People around me tell me that working with children is a challenge, and they are not wrong. But I feel that children have a lot to teach us. Jesus tells us to have faith like a child... since having my own children and working as a teacher, now I know why. A child has no doubt that anything is possible. Worldly wisdom may try to teach us that is not so. But I say, listen to the children in your life. Have faith in your dreams and work hard to make them come true. How can you succeed if you don't dance?

One Lady

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  1. I find myself much more energetic when my grandbaby is visiting, their enthusiasm is contagious.