Monday, April 11, 2011

C is for Caterpillar :)

So, who doesn't love the idea of a butterfly? It's a beautiful creature, an ethereal and wonderful evidence of God at work in our world. I love to use butterfly imagery in my work, and it seems I am not alone. Many published papercrafters use them as well. I am thinking of caterpillars today, because of the absolute joy that my preschool class exhibits every day as they watch the caterpillars in our room build cocoons. The anticipation of butterflies is almost too much for them. We all know the process: egg to caterpillar, caterpillar to chrysalis, and finally the beauty emerges as a flying wonder. The metaphor for an artist is easy to translate.

My post is dedicated to caterpillars today because I am focusing on growth. I am doing all in my power to improve myself, feed my soul and grow. Rather than stew in my middle-agedness, that is! It's not easy to feed my creative self and become a butterfly. I think (mostly because I am living it) that this stage of my life as an artist is the hardest. As an art student, my idealism was abundant. As a young married with a future to build, art was an outlet next to my career. Now, as a mother that works part-time and cares for my family, art is simply an escape. My limited time also limits my options to create. I must carve out time to make things, sometimes at the expense of balance in my life. Yes, I am a caterpillar that is currently starving a bit....but one day soon! I have aspirations for butterflyhood :) If you read my post about belatedness, you'll know that I am just talking about patiently waiting for my bliss to come, and making time when I can.

I find a little time to create with my kids, make learning crafts with my students, but most importantly I still crochet a bit. I know that summer will help my personal UFO list, and I look mostly forward to getting organized and caught up with the to-do list in my art journal. The process of organizing the mess that is my craft space will push me to complete and create even more! I also plan to add to the list during my clean up, and fill scrapbooks and binders with inspiration for when I DO have time.
If you too are a caterpillar, may you find some nourishment for your creative soul!
One Lady

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