Friday, February 25, 2011

February retrospective

Has it really been six weeks since my last post? Wow, how time gets away.

February definitely came in with a snowy hurrah, and today as we are marching toward the end of the month, I am languishing indoors to the tune of another snow day. So, without further delay here is a bright pretty thing to look at from the past month....that is not snow white.
The lovely Jeannelle (Bella to be sure) hosted a three inchey swap for Valentine's Day, and here is my contribution.
I used ribbon yarn to weave a large rectangle, ironed on some heavy interfacing pre-cut into hearts, and trimmed the weaving slightly larger around the heart. The result was a puffy little heart that I fused to the red fabric napkin (to which lace was already attached! yay!) and stitched around the edges. I found these darling little red napkins at a local thrift store, and the tattered lace spoke to me.
As the day goes on, and my craft area sees the hand of order, I will post some of the eight lovely squares I received. Thanks, ladies! You made Heart Day very heartfelt for me...


  1. I loved your ribbon heart, Jami! Thank you for being a part of the swap!

  2. I agree with Laurie! Your block is beautiful!